The Children's Harp

When I sat my infant daughter on my lap at her first Sacred Harp singing, she immediately ripped my tunebook. Whenever I open a tunebook for her or her brother at home, they just try to eat the pages. So I wanted something rugged and at least moderately young-person oriented to point at and let them hold while I sing to them and talk about music. Not finding anything appropriate for sale, I designed a board book that aims to presents some basic shape note rudiments and tunes for the very young.

If you're also interested in a book like this, here's what you need to know:

The book was designed to fit the Build Your Own 16 Page publishing option at Pint Size Productions ( I have no affiliation with Pint Size Productions. In fact, my sense is that the build quality of the books they print are not very high. But in my quick dip into the print-your-own-board-book world, I found no better options.

To get a copy, save the following PDFs and upload them to the above website as part of the order process. Covers, Spread 1, Spread 2, Spread 3, Spread 4, Spread 5, Spread 6, Spread 7.

JPG versions of each spread are also provided here (click to enlarge)--with a mask to show how things will look once the printing process trims the edges and cuts the rounded corners. But don't send these to the printer; they need the PDF versions.

Covers Spread 1 Spread 2 Spread 3 Spread 4 Spread 5 Spread 6 Spread 7

For the technically minded: Feel free to make changes to the book: just download the Photoshop files from which the PDFs and JPGs were generated [covers, interior]. Note, though, that the files are not entirely self-explanatory, and no technical support is provided. If you make any non-trivial changes, I'd love to hear about it.

Now that I've made the book for my own kids, I'm not terribly motivated to spend more time on this project. But if you see a typo, or have suggestions for how to improve the book, Iet me know; I'll keep track of all that in case someone wants to make improvements.

The following people in various fashions helped in making this book: Lauren Bock, Marie Brandis, Will Fitzgerald, Rachel Hall, Ted Mercer, Jesse Pearlman-Karlsberg, Robert Stoddard, and Leah Velleman.

Thanks, and enjoy,